Sanna leatherware is hand-stitched, combining centuries-old methods and contemporary design standards to create leather products that are both timeless and last a lifetime. 

Our products are made to be used and enjoyed. Our bags are stitched by hand using a fork and mallet (or a nipper, where applicable) to punch the holes and stitched using two needles simultaneously at either end of a cord of waxed thread. This ensures that, even if the thread wears through over the years, it will not unravel. Dual stitching ensures unsurpassed durability that allows the product to endure for generations.

Leather from individually sourced full-grain bovine and game hides is used. Leather has natural blemishes and scuffs that add to the authenticity of the product. Even though these minor imperfections may be visible, we resist the temptation to use corrected hides. Corrected hides, although smooth and regular in appearance, have been refinished by layering on extra material and we feel this detracts from the authenticity of the product. We take care to choose the strongest and most beautiful hides so that you have a product you can be proud of and that will last.

We spend time prototyping our designs and refining our patterns by hand to make sure they are both attractive and practical.


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New Arrivals

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  • New Designs

    Introducing the latest addition to our range. The Eden is a versatile sling bag that features bold lines and traditional inspiration to create a practical, easy to wear bag with a slightly rugged look.  Wear it cross-body, cropped underarm or choose anywhere in between as the straps can be shortened to fit as required. It has two outside pockets. The opening of the bag and the outer pockets are securely held closed by a single strap which has a strong magnetic clasp. R999

    Our latest bag.. we’ve called it “Eden” 
  • Custom Creations

    We made these flask holders for a customer. Our custom creations, however, can be found in many other fields. We have made custom leather items for game lodges, car enthusiasts, restaurants, sportsmen, hunters, architects and many more. If you have a need for a unique leather item, why not give us a call?

    See more of our custom commissions 
  • Traditional Leathersmiths

    We work with both traditional vegetable tannned “veg tan” leather (as seen in the example above) as well as the more modern pre-dyed and chrome tanned leathers.

  • Sleeves & Portfolio Covers

    Single piece sleeves in any size you want. Our unique design utilises a single piece of leather with no stitching at all. Ideal for tablet and laptop sleeves or document holders. Please contact us if you require a size not in our standard lineup - we would be happy to oblige.

    Laptop & tablet sleeves 

    Sanna leatherware is hand cut and hand stitched and made right here in our studio in Somerset West, South Africa.