You may be wondering why the emphasis on hand stitching.

Well, the age old technique of stitching leather by hand has survived many centuries of innovation and industrialisation and is still the best way of ensuring a more durable product. This is because it essentially results in two rows of thread going through a single row of holes.

Known as “saddle stitching”, the technique involves using a single long thread and two needles. A needle is attached to each end of the thread and alternately passed through the same hole from top and bottom, resulting in the two rows of thread which appear to be one. Should a thread break at any point, it won’t unravel as, unlike machine stitching, it is not locked in place by the second thread but is rather one continuous thread. You also have the added security of the second thread running its own continuous line.

Machine stitching on the other hand employs a lock stitch or link stitch. The disadvantage of this type of stitch is that if either top or bottom thread should break the links will unravel all the way down the chain of links.

Hand stitching also allows us to use a heavy duty waxed thread. This combination of material and process ensures a durability unattainable with machine stitching.